Welcome to Elizabeth’s Legacy – Elizabeth Ann Pfeifer, Missing Person

Laura & Elizabeth

Laura & Elizabeth

Elizabeth’s Legacy is a place where missing people have a voice. The site profiles my sister, Elizabeth Ann Pfeifer, who’s been missing since April 12, 1986. As this site grows, I hope to showcase other missing persons cases, too. Everyone who is missing deserves as much publicity as possible in order to solve these cold cases.

This site provides that for our missing loved ones.

Missing persons cases often go unrecognized. Missing people don’t have a voice. It’s up to families, law enforcement and advocates to keep unsolved, cold cases in the media spotlight.

I welcome other case submissions. Tell your story and get it published.

We also offer tips for handling missing persons cases. What is the right thing to do when your loved one doesn’t come home? How should you handle a missing persons case? What do you do when the case hasn’t been solved and no new leads are coming in?

Thanks for stopping by – my family and I appreciate the support. Drop me a line and say hello if you’re an old friend. I dig hearing from old friends in the Houston area, and it means a lot when you send email or telephone.

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  1. God Bless you in all you endeavor for Missing Persons.
    America’s Missing,Abducted and Lost Persons
    Voices for the MISSING & UNIDENTIFIED since 1999
    MATTHEW 10:26

    • Thank you, DeDe. It’s great to hear from you – I admire your ministry’s work so much. You are tireless and dedicated to the cause. The world needs more DeDe Keenes!

      I appreciate your support in our effort to find Elizabeth, and all the missing people.

  2. John Laird says:

    Almost an identical case of a friend of our who used to babysit our child. Just dissappeared one day purse still in her apartment. I just don’t understand why these kind of things happen. This one had a huge organized search with over 100 volunteers but nothing was found.


    • It’s so sad when this happens. I feel for your friend’s family. Many blessings and thanks for stopping by, John.

  3. Kathy Wormington says:

    Hello, Laura
    I like the saying Missing Persons Cases often go unrecognized.Especially, if it is a Cold Case. My Dads case is a Homocide out of Laytonville, Ca. The case was 35 years old yesterday.I never give up always work on finding information and i never stop calling the Sheriffs Office. I want them to REMEMBER me.Anyone can see the postings by typing in Frederick Donald Leach. Again, never give up.I pray that you get closure, also.
    Kathy Wormington

    • Kathy – I am so sorry about your father. Also sorry to hear how old the case is, and that you have no resolution (yet). Keep after it – I think by letting investigators know you’re interested, and by staying part of the case, it helps. Please email – I’d like to get more details about your father’s case and put up his story.

      My prayers and thoughts are with you, too. You’ve got my support – any time you need a shoulder or a friend, I’m here.

  4. Kathy Leach - Wormington says:

    Sorry it has been awhile we have had so many things going on.A few things on the case another state, i did another DNA for now. Waiting to hear whether it is Dad several things kinda matched but timing ? When the man was murdered ? I will call Monday.It is Oregon Dad lived in Laytonville, Ca. Not a long ways from Dads place.
    Its been 2 months since i talked to the Sheriffs Office about my Dad. The higher person in the S.O. likes to yell but i will call back soon anyway. This is also, in Mendocino County. I will get a letter for you asap please e-mail with yours.
    Thank you Laura i will never give up Hope. Kathy

    • Hi Kathy!

      No problem about the delay. I’ve been knee-deep in a huge client project for over six weeks, and way behind on my blogs. Thanks for stopping by!

      Never give up hope, as Kathy says, on your missing loved ones, the unsolved cases…there is so much hope, but you have to be the fire that fuels these cases along.