Keeping a Missing Persons Case Going: Pain Behind the Scenes

Elizabeth Ann Pfeifer

Elizabeth Ann Pfeifer

While amazing people work behind the scenes of unsolved missing persons cases, there are also families and friends who anxiously await hearing news about their missing loved ones.

And while we wait, tension rises. As the years go by, it goes without saying that the grief never ends. I’ve buried my father, and that hurt. At the very least, however, I had closure.

With Elizabeth Ann Pfeifer’s unsolved missing persons case, there is no closure. When we have all of the answers, when I have her remains properly buried, the part of me that hangs back, waiting for my little sister to come home, will be able to move on.

I was writing and updating last week, and tears fell. Couldn’t help it – while I refuse to stop publicizing my sister’s case and reaching out to others, I can’t help but cry.

And it’s hard to cry when you’re typing.

My youngest daughter offered her wisdom. “Isn’t it amazing that you’re still so impassioned by your sister’s death almost 25 years later? If I were you, I would rather feel than be numb – because feeling will reveal the truth.”

She’s a great girl, and I promised I’d share her words.

You see, it’s not just me and my family grieving the loss of Elizabeth – there are millions of unsolved missing persons cases. My heart goes out to every family member and friend looking for their missing loved one.

I’m here to help – and extend my hand. Tell me about your missing loved one. I’m happy to blog about him or her, but you have to give me the information first. I’m interested in hearing the story from you. I do not regurgitate what I’ve read on the web.

Do you have an unsolved missing persons case? Part of my advocacy is helping others. Send an email to or use the contact form.

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