A Missing Persons Checklist for the Police

Do you know how to help investigators solve a missing persons case?

Families of missing people can help police by using a checklist that gives vital information about the missing person. Joe Giacalone, of Cold Case Squad, advises that offering the following information, as quickly as possible, will aid investigators.

  1. Full name of the missing person
  2. Date of birth
  3. Address (including apartment number, if applicable)
  4. Vehicle information (make, model, body type, plate number)
  5. Mental and physical condition of the missing person
  6. Where the person was last seen or where they stated they were headed or who they were with
  7. Clothing description
  8. Scars, tattoos, birthmarks etc. and the location on the body
  9. A recent photo
  10. Time frame from when the missing person was last seen
  11. If they attend school, which one
  12. Dental records and/or DNA samples, X-Rays

A big thanks to Joe for helping the families of missing people! This important missing persons checklist could be the difference between solving a missing persons case and the case growing cold.

About Joe Giacalone:

Joseph L. Giacalone isĀ  19 year law enforcement supervisor that has held many prestigious positions but his favorite was that of the commanding officer of a cold case squad. He has a Master of Arts degree in Criminal Justice and is an adjunct professor. Joe is the author of the “Criminal Investigative Function: A Guide for New Investigators” published by Looseleaf Law.

You can follow Joe on Twitter: @ColdCaseSquad or @JoeGiacalone. Find Joe on the web at Cold Case Squad.

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