Sites Featuring Elizabeth Ann Pfeifer

These sites feature Elizabeth Ann Pfeifer’s story. Thanks to everyone who keeps my sister’s missing persons case in the media. Unsolved cases are more likely to be solved when they catch public attention.

“The Disappearance of Elizabeth Ann Pfeifer” – Cold Case Squad

Another guest blog post. Thanks, Joe, for posting this.

“The Girl Behind the Blue Eyes: Who Was Elizabeth Pfeifer” – Defrosting Cold Cases

My guest blog post, introducing Elizabeth to Defrosting Cold Cases’ readers. For you, baby sister.

“Katy woman’s family seeks closure 25 years after disappearance” – Ultimate Katy

Captain Gay Dickerson and I were interviewed (separately) on March 15, 2011, for an update to Elizabeth’s story. I congratulate Scott Gordon for writing the facts, ignoring the sensational and spreading the word.

“What Happened to Elizabeth Pfeifer” – Ultimate Katy

This story was re-written by Houston Chronicle editors in January 2011. The original version (written by Trish Johnson and published August 2010) wasn’t fact-checked and was incorrect on many points. After my insistence, however, Houston Chronicle editors conducted a telephone interview with Captain Gay Dickerson of Katy PD. This led to the story’s correction. I appreciate the Houston Chronicle updating Elizabeth’s story.

“Disappeared or dead: Elizabeth Ann Pfeifer” – Defrosting Cold Cases

Vidocq (Vidster) of Defrosting Cold Cases and Joe Giacalone (Cold Case Squad) agreed to help investigate what happened to Elizabeth. Included in this post is a mind-map of all parties involved. I agree that my sister’s case is a homicide.

“Elizabeth Ann Pfeifer’s troubling start in life” – Defrosting Cold Cases

More news about Elizabeth’s case, and a strong discussion/commentary that follows. While I do not agree with how many of Vidocq’s impressions play out (and how so-called quotes were pulled and used), I appreciate the publicity for the case.


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