How to Handle a Missing Persons Case

Your loved one didn’t come home. Or maybe he or she didn’t show up at work. Someone you care about is missing. What do you do? How do you handle a missing persons case? From experience, I can tell you not to panic, no matter the amount of heartache you’re experiencing. You may feel like […]

A Missing Persons Checklist for the Police

Do you know how to help investigators solve a missing persons case? Families of missing people can help police by using a checklist that gives vital information about the missing person. Joe Giacalone, of Cold Case Squad, advises that offering the following information, as quickly as possible, will aid investigators. Full name of the missing […]

Amazing People Behind the Scenes of Unsolved Cases

I met two individuals last week who spend their time probing into unsolved cases. While I’ve not pushed Elizabeth’s case in some time, I’m on track to bring more publicity to her missing persons case, while preparing this site for a full launch. During my networking efforts on Twitter, I found Vidocq and Joe Giacalone. […]