Thanks for Supporting Elizabeth’s Legacy & Remembering Elizabeth Ann Pfeifer

I want to take a moment to thank everyone for writing and sending such kind words regarding Elizabeth’s disappearance. It’s been 25 years, and while we’ve come closer than ever to solving what happened, there are a few loose ends that keep the case open. Those who’ve written and remembered my sister, and how life […]

Keeping a Missing Persons Case Going: Pain Behind the Scenes

While amazing people work behind the scenes of unsolved missing persons cases, there are also families and friends who anxiously await hearing news about their missing loved ones. And while we wait, tension rises. As the years go by, it goes without saying that the grief never ends. I’ve buried my father, and that hurt. […]

Amazing People Behind the Scenes of Unsolved Cases

I met two individuals last week who spend their time probing into unsolved cases. While I’ve not pushed Elizabeth’s case in some time, I’m on track to bring more publicity to her missing persons case, while preparing this site for a full launch. During my networking efforts on Twitter, I found Vidocq and Joe Giacalone. […]

Happy Birthday, Elizabeth Pfeifer!

Happy Birthday to Elizabeth Pfeifer, an unsolved, missing persons case since April 1986.